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IT Consulting

IT Consulting is one of Uwharrie Technology most utilized services. We have built a firm consisting of quality driven IT consulting experts that specialize in their field of technology. We offer a vast array of experience and deliver a timely and effective solution for your project needs or network issues.

I.T. Consulting

Security Assessment and Compliance – This is our primary IT consulting service. Here we perform a vulnerability assessment of your network and determine if you have any security holes and provide a comprehensive list of recommended tasks in order to resolve those vulnerabilities. We also can provide both HIPPA and PCI Compliance Audits.

Security Patching – Patching of all clients and servers is critical for virus and malware protection for your network. We can setup your network on our security patching solution that ensures all systems are up to date and running the latest protections.

Routing/Switching – Routers and switches are an essential part of the network for connectivity. We offer a variety of hardware solutions that ensures we find the right solution to match your needs. Cisco, Meraki, Ubiquiti... we setup and manage the most secure networking equipment.

Network Setup – New network setups from the cabling up to the line of business applications are on our resume and we stand behind what we offer with continued support for what we build.

Backup Administration – Ensuring that your business' most important resource, your client data, is a specialty of ours. Be sure to checkout our backup and disaster recovery solutions. They could save your business one day.

Policy administration – Setting up a sound network is not enough to ensure success. We drive the initiatives for our clients by enforcing policies that ensure successful results for our clients. After all, the tool is only as good as the person that's yielding it and we believe that educating your employees pays off in many ways including reduced support calls for us.

Email – Email is a core business tool. Businesses today don't just need email, they need it to integrate with their calendar and contacts. With today's mobile devices, your system should be available and synced accross multiple devices.

Microsoft Office – Support for microsoft products including office is a pleasure for us and an added benefit for our clients.

Application setup and support – Line of business applications are one of the many areas that we stand above our competition. We work with vendors in Medical, Legal and Accounting markets and have familiarized ourselves with many applications that enable your business.

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