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Desktop and Server Virtualization

Desktop and server virtualization is the process of taking your existing physical equipment and converting it to a virtual format. It's also the quickest and easiest way to accomplish the following initiatives of any small businesses infrastructure including reduced operational cost, increased efficiency, increased portability, fail-over capability and more.


Reduced Operational Cost
This is accomplished by consolidating multiple servers or pieces of networking equipment into one or two primary resources that can host many virtual instances of hardware that you once needed to run your business.

Increased Efficiency
With desktop and server virtualization, we have reduced clients hardware needs from as many as over 50 devices to 2. The increased efficiency speaks for itself.

Fail Over Recovery
With server virtualization, you can implement a redundant instance of your virtual machine on a secondary appliance allowing for fail over recovery.

Increased Portability
Some companies skip over virtualization and go straight to cloud solutions not realizing that simply virtualizing their infrastructure would accomplish 95% of what they are looking to achieve. Virtualization is the first, and very necessary step, to being able to move your hardware infrastructure to the cloud. Many times we find that this is the only step worth taking in the currently popular march to the cloud.